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After years of chemical research, we have discovered a break-through formula... a plastic bonding lens sealer, which quickly hardens to a crystal-clear finish.
This formula is known to the automotive industry as Headlight Pro, a high tech solution for refinishing weather damaged vehicle headlights.
This formula blend is specially made to endure heavy outdoor exposure and shield plastic surfaces from harmful UV rays.


Additionally, Headlight Pro is formulated to permanently adhere to specially prepped plastic headlight lenses which are sometimes deeply
pitted from long-term oxidation damage. We were especially careful to produce a clear plastic blend with a viscosity that is "self-leveling".
What this means, is that the person who applies the finish does not have to be extremely precise in applying an even coating. The "self-leveling" feature
guarantees a perfect thickness. Application wrinkles automatically level themselves as part of the curing process.


No Taping - No Sanding - No Buffing - No Waxing – the whole process takes less than 8 minutes to repair both headlights. A very Inexpensive
cost to repair both headlights - All training is FREE. Our patent pending Headlight Restoration product will permanently remove yellow, foggy, hazy
damage from all headlight lenses in two easy steps.


Step 1#

Remove all the contaminants from the surface of a headlight's lens. A small pad and 1/4oz of contaminant remover is all that is needed. This process takes less than two minutes.


Step #2,

Apply the lens sealer liquid by hand. This creates a new finish to the headlight lens by using a cotton applicator pad to wipe on the lens sealer.
The special, liquid sealer begins to harden almost immediately, while the new finish permanently dissolves all oxidation. Again, this second step takes less than two minutes.
Repeat both steps for a second headlight. A perfect restoration is complete in about 8 minutes or less. Total drying time is about 30 to 40 minutes.


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