After years of chemical research, we have discovered a break-through formula... a plastic     bonding lens sealer, which quickly hardens to a crystal-clear finish. This formula is known to the automotive industry as Headlight Pro, a high tech solution for refinishing weather damaged vehicle headlights. This formula blend is specially made to endure heavy outdoor exposure and shield plastic surfaces from harmful UV rays.

Additionally, Headlight Pro is formulated to permanently adhere to specially prepped plastic headlight lenses which are sometimes deeply pitted from long-term oxidation damage. We were especially careful to produce a clear plastic blend with a viscosity that is "self-leveling". What this means, is that the person who applies the finish does not have to be extremely precise in applying an even coating. The "self-leveling" feature guarantees a perfect thickness.

Application wrinkles automatically level themselves as part of the curing process.
No Taping - No Sanding - No Buffing - No Waxing – the whole process takes less than 8 minutes to repair both headlights. A very Inexpensive cost to repair both headlights - All training is FREE. Our patent pending Headlight Restoration product will permanently remove yellow, foggy, hazy damage from all headlight lenses in two easy steps.

We want to provide you with as much information for you to review at your convenience to help you make an informed decision. We look forward to providing you the best Headlight Restoration Product and Profit System Available.

Headlight Pro’s success is based on some basic principles that we provide our clients with:

• A proven headlight restoration product that will never compromise the headlamp.
• A process that offers ease of use with an application time of 10 minutes or less for our clients.
• Point-of-sales materials that are designed and customized to our clients.
• Video loops based on public safety to create a sense of urgency to be installed in the Customer Lounges of our client’s service facilities.
• An install that trains their Service Advisers selling techniques and product application for the Technicians and Detailers.
• Ongoing service and training as needed provided.

These basic principles have been the reason of our success. We pride ourselves on the fact that it’s not only about providing an excellent product, but also about providing our clients with the tools they need to ensure their success.

This service provides our clients with an additional stream of profit every month. It makes it so much easier on the Technicians who are applying the products, making their job easier with better results. In most cases, they have an opportunity to earn an hour of labor on a process that only takes 8 minutes or less.

We are growing fast and the best part about our products and programs is that there is no competition. This is an exciting and gratifying service, because we are providing training and service along with a product that can't be beat with happier Technicians and happier Service Directors/Managers, because their employees are happier.

Dim headlights can be safety risks and could be restored to boost visibility. If your headlights are not as bright as they should be or are only somewhat brighter when fully "on" compared to on dim, your car might need a headlight restoration. Cloudy, foggy, yellowed headlights are dangerous and can hinder your vision when cruising at evening or in bad weather condition. Maintaining your headlights in good condition is vital for any car to be driven safely night. A headlight restoration can enhance visibility by up to 140 percent.

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